meat & poultry labels

QLM proudly supply leading processors in the meat industry. Changing market conditions has seen the industry adopt dynamic innovations to increase domestic & export sales. Colourful food approved inks is a popular way to establish stronger brand identity for premium products. We have a wide range of materials suitable for purpose and QLM Label Makers have approval to print AQIS/MAF labels and tags:

  • Premium Product Labels, Custom Sleeves & Product Packaging.
  • Carcass tags, meat inserts and carton labels.
  • Blank and thermal labels including scale labels.
  • Nutritional Panels, Sequential Numbering and Barcodes (2D & QR).
  • Promotional Labels, Tags & inserts to 'stand out'.
  • Stock options to withstand cold, moisture, freezers or oils.
  • Carton & Dispatch Labels.
  • Thermal Printers, Ribbons & Consumables.

Country of origin food labelling laws have changed in Australia:
The Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) regulations for food offered for sale in Australia come into effect 1st July 2016, with a 2 year transition period. These changes affect you if you sell food in retail stores in Australia. There are different labels depending on where the food was grown, produced, made or packaged. Some foods are defined as non-priority foods and new labels are not mandatory, but may be used voluntarily. All other foods must comply with the new labelling requirements.
QLM Label Makers are here to help you manage this transition.

For more information, click on the following:
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