label trends - the coolest looks for 2018

it’s back to basics with bold designs & product information
minimize the elements – but get the balance right
provide clean and clear information

embrace online shopping and e-commerce
consider packaging as a HUGE part of the experience
think of how products will transit & where they are opened

the throwaway culture is being rejected
innovative packaging can extend food life and enhance security
consumers want 3 r’s: recyclable, renewable and re-usable

the warmth created cultivates emotional connections
imperfections can give products an authentic, non-digital look
craftful use of messages & fonts can generate an organic feel

use shapes and patterns to display product contents
transparent materials increase visibility of contents and trust
sensory packaging like soft-touch or texture add a new dimension

colours evoke emotions and influence purchase decisions
pastels are making a big comeback and so are vibrant colours
use colour to identify product variations

the vintage style is evolving and modernizing
blend the imagery of history with contemporary styling
highlight quality through traditions and progress

we are reinvigorating some effects that were left on the shelf
holographic effects add depth, dimensionality and flare to designs
gradients can now radiate colourful depth and form

tell your story through photos, illustrations and text
people cherish stories with whom they feel a connection
images can transport people into wonderful fantasies

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