Le Fruit - local rebrand creates international appetite!

Le Fruit (by Les Vergers Du Mekong) rebranded their company with agency Rice Creative with the objective of creating a corporate identity that showcased the brand’s core difference; their dedication to farm fresh, preservative-free, locally made products. The result was a set of icons inspired by the tropical fruit and plants of the Mekong Delta, a juicy hand-drawn script and a colour range that references the flavours of fresh fruits, with a contemporary twist. Since rebranding, Le Fruit has become a major player in local and international retail environments, high-end supermarkets and franchises such as Starbucks

Le Fruit products promise Nothing but the Fresh Fruit. Nothing Added. Nothing Taken Away. Their vibrant design and colour reflect the authenticity of the product, made using locally sourced fruits from the rich, fertile Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Les Vergers Du Mékong literally translates in English to ‘The Orchards of the Mekong River’, and since 2000 the company has become a flagship for the gourmet & healthy food and drink industry in Vietnam, combining the best of both worlds: French culinary savoir-faire and Vietnam natural resources.

QLM (Hoang Ha Label Co.) has been working with Le Fruit to produce amazing results for their products on the HP Indigo Label Press. Digital printing is highly suited to the amazing array of colours used in the branding and Mr Le Van Dong, Vice Director states: “Our goals are to differentiate brand identity and guarantee high quality”. Le Fruit achieve this by highlighting their produts on the shelves using colour and tiles with beautiful labels. One of their humanitarian values is to help people grow better and get more out of life. Find out more at:

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