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Flavour Creations is an Australian owned and operated specialist food & drink manufacturer, researching and developing innovative nutritional products that support a healthy lifestyle and improve the lives of people living with dysphagia. All products are researched and developed by dedicated scientists and supplied not only to hospitals, residential aged care facilities and directly to people like you and I, as well as being exported around the world.

Dysphagia is ‘in a nutshell’, the medical term for difficulty or inability to swallow. It can occur at any time during the lifespan and may be short or long term.

Flavour Creations‘ products focus on hydration, energy and nutrition. In addition to dysphagia products, they have an extensive range of nutritional solutions, functional juices, protein supplements including drinks, desserts,fruit purees and cookies PLUS shelf-stable ice-cream! You can see their extensive range at

Flavour Creations has worked with QLM Label Makers for over 12 years on a range of label and packaging solutions. We are proud to be associated with this amazingly innovative company that is dedicated to caring for others and leading the world in innovative and caring client outcomes.

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