a devilishly cute idea!

Tim and Julie Barbour from The Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company (TGSC) produce a premium range of jams and condiments packaged into stylish gift packs and crates. While their look is undeniably attractive, they wanted something unique and a little daring to spice up their range!

Tim’s search for inspiration led him to AUSPACK in Melbourne where he spotted QLM’s Easter Bunny packaging. After asking “Could you do a Tasmanian Devil?”we thus began what he describes as “the start of one of my most memorable business relationships.” Tim initially had reservations: “We knew there was a risk of putting a gourmet food product into a rather quirky package”, but a combined enthusiasm set in motion the process to create something truly unique.

Development involved regular interaction with our design team. For Tim, this was one of the most satisfying parts of the project “Many companies would have asked us to try another company, but in just 3 months, the artwork was finished and our little devil was ready.” Upon completion of the prototype, the smaller jars needed a home and thus, a baby devil was born. “Now we have a Tassie Devil family” says Tim.

“My cautious approach to this innovative packaging is rapidly being eroded with excellent sales and comments: cute, awesome, and unique. The combination of a gourmet food product in a fun package is exactly what I wanted. I just didn’t know how – until I discovered QLM Label Makers. We now have a distinctive extension to our gift range with appeal to adults, children, locals and tourists.

TGSC will soon begin marketing the packs into retail outlets, wildlife parks and gift stores, with a portion of sales going to the “Save the Devil Appeal”. Tim is already working on the next Tasmanian animal pack - so keep an eye on this little devil! Get your own little devil at: gourmetsauce.com.au

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